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Engine winch, also called pulling or rope winch, is the necessary part of vertical lifting crane machine. It can be used to do lifting, pulling and dragging task equipped with auxiliary equipment including basic crane structural component, boom and pulley block. Through tower crane and trunk crane are widely used in construction site, they are high cost and used more often in large construction plants. While engine winches are of compact structure. Besides, they are easy to move, operate and maintain with low cost. Because of the outstanding advantages, engine winches are demanded highly in port loading and unloading, metallurgy lifting, building, water conservancy.

Different types of construction winches

Special construction winches

High Quality Winch of Cheap Price from AIMIX Manufacturer

Except common engine winch, we provide you special winches including recovery winch, crane winch, portable winch, worm gear winch, air winch, pneumatic winch, cheap winch, electric hoist winch, miniature winch and cable winch. Recovery winch has two winch drums, which helps the winch machine do go and back movement. Which means your loads can be transported and transported back. Crane winch can carry heavy loads that match with derrick and portable frame.

Portable winch is easy to carry and space saving. It can work by hand in case sudden brake losing control. Cheap winches are special designed for buyers who chasing for price. However, cheap price does not mean poor quality, our company promises you that you can get best quality with economical price. Miniature winch is tiny in size, its winch rope and motor are in the same axis. You can choose a miniature winch if you have limited plant space.

Choose engine winches by power system

Engine winches can be divided into four categories according to power system. They are hand engine winch, electricity engine, hydraulic engine winch and air engine winch. Next are the description of each type engine winch in detail.

Hand engine winch

The simplest one is manual winch, this type winch is operated by human labor, we provides you capstan as the features products. Capstan type engine is used in ship or coast to moor or anchor. Capstan engine winch has three speed including single speed, double speed and three speed.

Besides, you can choose the model of your capstan engine winch, our group provides you stand types capstan and horizontal type capstan, you can choose your hand capstan according to your need.

Electricity engine winch

All the engine winches can be designed as electricity power system. And you can choose the specific one satisfy your need. Electricity winch is often used in construction site far away water, because of engine winch does not have good water proof function. However, if you may use electricity engine winch that may touch water, we can use water proof material and marine electric motor to improve the waterproof grade of you winch machine.

Electricity engine winch consists of motor, coupling, brake, gear box and winch drum. All main part are fixed on winch mount. Engine winch of electricity type is able to carry heavy loads of high lifting height. Moreover, engine winch can make sure perfect speed control performance under busy lifting condition. And its empty hook decline ability is great. For sensitive material,  engine winch can decline in an inching speed. We provide you electricity engine winch of six types. Click electricity winch to find more information.

High Quality Winch of Cheap Price from AIMIX Manufacturer

Hydraulic engine winch

Engine winch of heavy rated capacity often adopts to hydraulic power system. Generally speaking, you can choose to make your winch a hydraulic power system when its rated load is more than 10n tons and lower than 5000 tons. Hydraulic winch uses oil as working medium, it passes motion by the change of seal volume. Then, it is driven by the pressure inside the oil.

One complete hydraulic power system made up of five parts:

Firstly, power plant. Power plant provides hydraulic system pressure, then it transform mechanical energy from motor into the oil pressure. In this way the whole hydraulic system is able to work.

Secondly, executive component. Executive component includes hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, which transform oil pressure into mechanical energy to drive working parts.

Thirdly, Control and adjusting device, which includes kinds of valve, such as pressure valve, flow valve and directional valve. Those valve are used to control and adjust the liquid pressure, flow rate, flow speed and the direction of liquid to make sure executive component finish expected working movement.

Overflow valve is to control the pressure of system, throttle valve is to control flow that get into hydraulic cylinder aiming to command the speed of workbench. Reversing valve is to change the way of pressure oil to make hydraulic cylinder invert aiming at realizing reciprocating motion of workbench. Fourthly, auxiliary device. Auxiliary device refers to kinds of pipe joint, tube, fuel tank, filter and pressure meter. Their main function are connections, storage of oil, filter, storing oil can pressure and oil pressure measurement, all the parts work together to ensure hydraulic system works stable and enduringly. Finally, working medium. Working medium means oil in hydraulic system that bears and transports pressure. AIMIX manufacturer provides you five types of hydraulic engine winch.

Choose engine winches by capacity

Engine winch can be used in many occasions, and we design different capacity engine winches to welcome your choice. We have small engine winch and heavy duty engine winch.

Small engine winch

Small engine winch we apply you capstan winch, miniature winch and JKD type engine winch. All of the three winch machine has small size, which makes it easy to carry. They have compact structure, easy to operate and maintain. Capstan winch is to do anchoring and mooring task in ship and coast. You can choose single speed, double speed and three speed capstan with stand type and horizontal type. Miniature winch has it motor and winch rope on the same axis, so its size is short and easy to carry. JKD type winch adopts planetary transmission, which helps JKD winch works stably and bears heavier loads.

Heavy duty engine winch

Our company provides you heavy duty winch of bearing ability more than 10 tons, you can choose from the model below. JM engine type winch, rated loads is from 0.5 ton to 300 tons. AQ-JMM engine winch, rated loaded is from 10 tons to 55 tons. Last for mine winch, its rated loads is from 1 ton to 40 tons. AQ-JM engine can be used both on land or ship, it takes responsibility to anchor and moor. AQ-JMM engine is special designed for long distance, large and super large steel structure heavy loads transport. Mine winch is used inside or outside mine, you can use it in metal mine including coal mine, copper mine, iron mine and zinc mine.

Light duty engine winch

Our group provides you three types of light duty engine winch. You can choose the one you want among AQ-JK engine winch, AQ-JKL engine and AQ-JKD engine winch. AQ-JK winch is the special main hoister of derrick, portable and trolley. You can choose one to match your crane. And if not, AQ-JK winch can carry and pull loads in vertical and horizontal direction. AQ-JKL winch can do free falling piling work. If you have any piling task to do, buy yourself one to free your hand and raise task efficiency. AQ-JKD winch carry loads rated capacity ranges from 0.75 ton to 2 tons. Its short size and compact structure helps saving your space largely. If your transport task is in the range, why not try it?

High Quality Winch of Cheap Price from AIMIX Manufacturer

Choose engine winches by occasions

You may use your winch machine anywhere. Generally speaking, engine winch is widely used in construction sites, bridge building project, installer, port, wharf. However, except all this common occasions, there are many places that you may need an engine winch. our company provides you three types winch according to occasions. If you are individual buyer and want a winch to help you transport heavy loads, the following winch machine will be your best choice. They are shop winch, home winch and industry winch. Shop winch is suitable for lifting and pulling task in a shop. And home winch is for heavy loads in your home. If you have an industry or a plant, industry engine winch will be your best choice. All this three types of winch is designed for individuals for light duty task. If you want to transport heavy duty loads, click heavy duty winch to get yourself one.

Choose engine winches by voltage

Basically, we provide you engine winches of any voltage. And here we have three standard voltage engine winch. They are 110v engine winch, 120v engine winch and 240v engine winch machine. If you have any need of the voltage of your winch machine, contact us. We promise to give you a reasonable solution. And welcome to contact us to get a special voltage winch machine.

Choose engine winches by tons