100 tons winch

100 tons winch is used to pull and lift heavy loads bearing for 100 tons. Our group will provides you the best quality winch of economical price. 100 tons winch machine can be used on land and ships, which will save you lots of money to get a double use winch.

Advantages of our 100-Tons Winch

There are many advantages of our 100 tons type winches, here are the key advantages in detail.

  • High quality with cheap price. 100 tons winches adopt high quality steel and is made by high technology. You can get a high quality winch in a quite cheap price.
  • Ease to operate and maintain. Compact structure and brief introduction makes your winch easy to operate and maintain. You do not need too much time and money to maintain it, all your need to do is simple regularly checking and painting oil.
  •  Low noise. All 100 tons model winch of our group is made with narrow winch lines, so it produces less noises than other winches.
  • Well paint and beautiful appearance. Our winches are well painted, it looks neat and beautiful.

Features of our 100 Tons Winch

100 tons winch of our group can be electricity and hydraulic power system. You can choose your own winch with the power system you want. Electricity power system is most adopted in many factories, while hydraulic power system is becoming popular in many construction area. If you want to use your 100 tons winch on ships and coast, hydraulic power is your best choice. The reason is that hydraulic winch has compact structure and beautiful appearance; and it has better security and high efficiency.

100 tons winch for sale
100 tons winch

100 Tons Winch

Loading capacity: 100 t;
Wire rope capacity: 3600 m;
Working speed: 10.5 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply:

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100 tons winch consists of winch mount, winch drum, driven motor and brake mainly. 100 tons winch can be used both on land and ships. When you use it on land, it can help you do daily lifting and pulling task. While you use it on ships and coast, you can use it to anchor and moor. With one winch cost, you will get task of two occasions done, why not choose one to help you save money and raise working efficiency.

100 tons winch for sale
100 tons winch

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