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Cable winch is the best sale pulling machine, which can be widely used on many occasions. Cable pulling winch has two main operation, one is to lay a cable,the other is to store cable. Moreover, it can be used as marine cable pulling winch and to do exploratory well task. Our company mainly provides you cable winch used in the land. If you have any special  needs to use a electric cable pulling winch on ships or boats, Of course, we will design your marine cable winch as you want.

Electric cable winch consist of electric motor, brake, coupling, reducer, small gear wheel, big gear wheel, winch drum, spindle assembly, gear cover and wiring device. This winch has different series, our company provides you cable winch for storing cable and laying cable. Tell us what you are going to with this machine, so we can make perfect of your machine.Winch mount of the equipment is welded of steel plate, all parts are installed on the mount surface. The machine has compact structure and easy to transport. Motor use famous brand variable frequency motor; electric-hydraulic double-shoe brakes; protect cover use welding technology, to protect gear turns safely, it is fixed on winch mount.

Our cable pulling winch manufacturer is professional on any area related to cable winch machine, want a electric cable winch?  Send your quotation as soon as possible. Or your have any problem about pulling electric cable winch, contact us.

cable winch for sale
Durable Cable Winch

Durable Cable Pulling Winch Machine

Occasions: port, mine, ship;
Power supply:

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Features of Our Cable Winch for Sale

As many other types of our winch machine, our cable pulling winch is able to lift, pull and drag heavy loads. However, it has special function that other winch machine does not have. Electric cable winches can be used to store, launch and recover winch cable. Its main function when we use it to lay cable is to pull and drag cable winch. Compared to other types of winches, its speed is slow, and the tension force should be stable. When you used a cable winch in ship or coast, its main function is to store cable.

Cable winch machine of our group consists of winch mount, winch drum, brake system, dynamical system and control system. According to your need, we will make your own winch machine. Taking power system for example, we provide you electricity power and hydraulic power. Please tell us what driven power you want when you contact us.

cable winch for sale
Great Cable Winch

Advantages of Our  Cable Pulling Winches

There are many reasons why you choose a company as your supplier. And there are many winch manufacturers of the world, why you must choose us? Next are the reasons you are welcomed to choose our group in detail.

1. Professional. Our company is the expert in winch machine factories, and we have years of winch machine manufacturing experiences, we are professional. We promise you the best purchasing experience you will meet if you choose our winches.

2. Good reputation. Since cable winch of our group put into market, we received many praise from customers all over the world. And form some of them, we built long term cooperation. And we hope your choose with sincere heart.

3. High quality. All cable winch provided by our group has high quality. You can judge our products from the following points: mount, cable winch of our group has stable mount. Narrow winch line, our cable winch is built with high technology, so the winch line is narrow, which means less noise. Well painted. The finish of winch machine is clean and neat, which seems beautiful.

4. Good price. You will get a cable machine in a good price if you order now, and we promise you the best quality with good price. Click the inquiry frame to get yourself one.

5. Easy to operate. Our cable has compact structure with brief introduction. You can make all the operation process clearly. If you have any problems on operation, contact us anytime you want, we will give you sincere service to help you solve all your troubles.

6. Ease to maintain. You do not have to waste too much time on daily cable winch machine maintenance. All you have to do is to check your winch machine in a period, and do some regular maintenance according to the requirement of introduction.

Working theory of Electric Cable Pulling Winches


                                                                             1. Motor   2. Brake   3. Coupling   4. Reducer  5. Small wheel gear

6. Big wheel gear  7. Drum  8. Spindle assembling  9. Protection cover  10. Rolling rings unit

Origin power of this winch is the motor, power delivers to reducer through coupler, and then transferring speed becoming slowly, and the slow speed gained by a pair of gear, gear reduces speed when it drives winch drum, with cable ties around winch drum, start motor in different direction the cable can be delivered. To make sure cable ties orderly on drum, main axis of winch drum installed chain wheel, in this way chain wheel drives rolling rings units, and the unit can achieve infinite adjustment and instantaneous commutation. There is brake installing on coupling, and the brake belongs to safety braking device. When winch need go up and down, brake damper loses brake wheel, and winch in a lifted up and on ground state; if winch machine need to stop, brake damper holds brake wheel automatically. You can choose different loads based on the lifting occasion.

Main Structure of Electric Cable Winches

Winch mount: the winch mount is welded by steel plate and box iron. All cable winch part is installed on the mount surface. The machine is compact, small in size, and easy to operate. Besides, the maintenance and transportation are convenient.

  • Motor: DFEF7.5HP-4HP variable frequency motor.
  • Coupling: NGCL2 type; used to connect motor and reducer.
  • Brake: YW160-220-2 electric hydraulic block brake; retarding torque 80N.
  • Reducer: ZSY160-50-III reducer; reduction ratio 50.
  • Rolling rings unit: CHNTY C type.
  • Protective cover: this part is welded by steel, and is fixed on winch mount by anchor bolt to protect the normal turning of gear.
  • Winch drum unit: consist of drum, main axis, big gear, bearing pedestal and chain wheel.

Servicing and Maintenance of Electric Cable Hoist Winch

To make your cable winch works longer and safe, the maintenance is necessary, here are the rules of electric cable winch.

Before Use

  • Check the condition of cable, whether cable is fixed stably on winch drum, and other connection.
  • Check whether brake is reliable and delicacy.
  • Check the fixed condition of each gear, coupling, fixed parts, bearing pedestal and the whole winch.
  • Empty load test, fixed problems.
  • Do not overload.
  • Pay attention to cable and its twine condition.
  • Lubricate winch part where necessary.
  • Clean the winch and its setting site.

The Following Items Should Be Checked Termly

  • Add oil on bearing.
  • Change wastes oil of reducer.
  • Check the fix condition of winch drum and gear.
  • Change wearing parts.
  • Clean up oil of reducer, and wash it by kerosene.
  • Change seal ring.

Why Choose Our Electric Hoist Cable Pulling Winch?

Cable pulling winch machine price is cheap, buy it now from professional cable pulling winch manufacturer. Our company is the famous winch supplier in China, and its products are trustworthy. You can get a safety and high quality winch equipment. And we provide a cheap price if you contact us now, send us email and tell us what you need, you can receive our reply in 12 hours. Want it? Contact now!

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