Winch Capacity

You can choose a winch by its capacity. Here we will give you some guidance to help you to make the most suitable winch you want. Our company divides winch machine into three types according to the capacity of winch machine. They are heavy duty winch, light suty winch and small winch. You can choose according to the weight of your loads. And no matter which winch you choose, our company will give you high quality winch in a cheap price.

Firstly, if you want to transport heavy loads, you can choose heavy duty winch. For the detail introduction and parameter, you can click the heavy duty winch page. We provide you three types of heavy duty winch, all of their rated loads is more than ten tons. If you want a light duty winch, you may find what you want in light duty winch, you will find brief data and introduction of them. And if you are looking for a small winch to save your plant’s space, you can visit small winch page. You will find AQ-JKD type winch and capstan winch. Make a choice according to you needs please.

Interested in types of our winches? What are you waiting for? Click the free inquiry, telling us your need to get a high quality winch as soon as possible.

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