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Cheap AQ-JK electric winch belongs to special device used widely on construction site, this machine can lift and pull heavy loads, which is the hoisting device for derrick, portal frame and hoist trolley. You can also use it on construction site, mine and small and medium installing projects. Our company provides you equipment in a 20 -30 m/min speed; pulling tension and rated capacity is 0.5-10 tons; rope capacity is 50-500 meters.

Differences Between AQ-JK and AQ-JM Model Winches

Cheap AQ-JK Electric Winch
Cheap AQ-JK Electric Winch

Cheap AQ-JK Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t;
Wire rope capacity: 20~500 m;
Working speed: 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply:

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  • AQ-JK winch refers to fast speed equipment, this machine used on construction, railway, mine and bridge project occasions. And it mainly plays roles like: horizontal lifting, vertical pulling and dragging heavy loads. While AQ-JM winch belongs to slow speed device, this machine used for the up and down of large hoisting project, mine, and construction project of industry. So slow speed and better speed control ability winch is more suitable.
  •  Winch manufacturer provides AQ-JM winch in a 5-16 m/min; and AQ-JK winch in a 20 -30 m/min speed.
  • Generally speaking, AQ-JM winch has a good speed control ability, and this winch can be used both on construction site and boat, so fast speed winch is much cheaper than this type winch.

Why Choose AIMIX as Your Supplier?

Our company provides you a series of winch model, and each one of them has unique function, so you can always get what you want from AIMIX; and AIMIX is one of the most famous winch supplier in China, you can get high quality machine if you choose us. Compared too other supplier, you can always get cheap products from our company; besides, as a several years professional winch supplier, our company is able to solve all problems and questions about winches quickly and accurately. Want a winch that trustworthy and cheap? Contact now!

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