Electric anchor winch for sale

Electric anchor winch is the best sale machine of our company, as the main anchor machine, this winch is used for drop anchor and weigh anchor. This equipment used widely on boats, ships and coast. Our winches manufacturer provides you cable lifter anchor winch and wire rope anchor winch. No matter which winch you want, providing for us accurate length and diameter of chain anchor/wire rope so that you can get a quick and detailed quotation. Standard winch speed is 10 m/min.

The electrical windlass range series is designed to provide anchoring solutions for sail and motor boats from 18 to 100 feet. The winch is available in standard version with drum and in low profile version. The project versions have a built-in control box within the motor casing. All models are available in different motorization to meet any customers’ requirements

Features of Electric Anchor Winch

electric anchor winch for sale
Electric Anchor Winch

Electric Anchor Winch 

Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

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Electric anchor winches are the most widely used device, according to different voltage, electric winch for anchor has direct current and alternating current type. Direct current anchor winch has good speed control ability, high efficiency. And alternating current winch anchor can handle primary speed control task. Speed reduction gear unit includes worm gear drive, super gear transmission and planetary transmission. Generally speaking, planetary transmission has many advantages than other transmission. This transmission has light weight, short size, high level transmission ratio, moreover, it is easy to maintain and operate, so it is widely used on machine.

Why Choose Our Company as Your Supplier?

Our company is professional on winches, choose us you can get high quality machine as soon as possible. And our winch can save you lot of money on winch cost and further maintenance fee. Except electric power anchor winch, you can get hydraulic anchor winch as well. Choose us you can get more choice. Except anchor winch, if you want mooring winch, towing winch or two in one dual function winch machine, you can get from our company in the factory price either. Interested in anchor windlasses? Contact us now, by the way, giving us detailed winch parameter such as rope length and diameter, rated load, so you can get a quick and accurate reply.


Dia. Rated load Supporting load speed Warping load Warping speed Motor power Overall Dimensions Weight
mm KN KN m/min m/min KW mm



24 25-27 149-214 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050 3.3
El-26 26 29-32 175-250 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050



28 33-37 202-289 9 20 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150 3.8
El-30 30 38-42 231-331 9 30 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150



32 44-49 262-375 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-34 34 49-55 295-422 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270



36 55-62 329-473 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-38 38 61-69 365-522 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350



40 68-76 403-576 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2
El-42 42 75-84 442-630 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350


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