Aicrane Winches

Our winches have different. You can choose what you want according to your needs. In this category you can choose nine types of construction winch. If you want to choose a winch by power system, you can choose electricity winch or hydraulic winch machine. And both of the two power system winch provides you five types of winch according to their function. They are AQ-JM type winch, AQ-JK winch, AQ-JKL winch, AQ-JMM winch and AQ-JKD winch.

No matter electricity winch or hydraulic winch you choose, those five types of winch has the same function, all the difference is power system. Generally speaking, it is good to use electricity power system winch on construction site on land, and you would better to use hydraulic power winch on ships, coast or other near water places. The reason why is that hydraulic winch has better water proof ability than an electricity. Of course, if you must use an electricity on ships, we will use water proof paint and ship-used motor to design you an electricity type winch. AQ-JK type of winch is fast speed winch to carry loads in a fast speed, except that, it can match with derrick and portable frame as main hoister. AQ-JKD winch is the smallest winch, you can choose it if you want to save space. AQ-JKL winch is design to finish free falling piling tasks. Lastly, AQ-JMM winch is for large steel structure transporting.

Except dividing winch by power system, winch machine can be called as rope winch, pulling winch or crane winch. You can choose each type you want based on your need. To meet the need of modernization, we have customized service for you to choose.

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