Free fall hydraulic winch for sale

Free fall hydraulic winch belongs to hand control clutch type fast speed winch, which used on assembling line, construction site and mine to lift up and drag objects. This model type suits for piling driving task on bridge building site, wharf and construction site especially. Free fall winch works in a 28-36 m/min speed. And its rope capacity is 50 – 250 meters, with rated loads 2 -10 tons.

Structure of free fall winches

free fall hydraulic winch
AQ-JKL Free Fall Winch

Free Fall AQ-JKL Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 1~10t;
Wire rope capacity: 20~500 m;
Working speed: 20~36 m/min;
Power supply:

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This free fall winch has hydraulic and electric type, the two types have the same structure.And both of them belongs to main shaft rotating machine.
Maine shaft device of this winch consists if main axis, gear box, drum, ratchet wheel and bearing pedestal; Reducer belongs to flexible rule surface reducer; Coupling adopts elastic column axis coupling; Brake adopts ratchet device, and it can be used when machine stops. Winch mount is welded by steel plate and structural steel; for electrical part, this winch uses asynchronous motor drive system, and it has units including contactor, buttons, electrical instrumentation and signal lights. Besides, all this can be installed on the inside of control box.

How to operate construction winches

1. Forbid overload. The tension of winch rope cannot beyond its rated loads.
2. Pay attention to the function if winch rope. Wrong rope direction will makes brake and driven system failed.
3. Preparation work. Machine should be installed on flat occasion; operator should know the structure of winch and each handle.
4. Check the connection of electrical circuit, especially pay attention to ground connection and lubrication.
5. After the winch installed, test the winch. Firstly, the machine should work with empty load for 30 minutes, and then operator can add loads slowly until reach the limit of winch capacity, if nothing wrong, this winch can lift up and pull loads and materials normally.

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