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Recovery winch refers to winch machine that has double winch drum, unlike common double drum winch, this two drum not only can pull loads, but also can pull back loads. You can choose hydraulic power and electricity power two types, here is the introduction of hydraulic recovery winch. No matter which recovery winch you choose, our company promises you high quality and cheap price. This model winch belongs to customized equipment, and we need you offer detail information includes the working occasion, rope capacity, rate loads of your requirement. If you have any other need, tell us when contact.

Matters need attention when using winches

hydraulic winches manufacturer
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Reliable Hydraulic Recovery Winch

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1. Winch mount have to be fixed stably.
2. Operators should be health and have relevant certification, and get trained of safety rules.
3. Operators cannot leave winch machine when it in a working state.
4. Forbid any remould of winch equipment.
5. Operators should record the working condition of winch, including: working time of each day, load condition, repairing, checking and adjusting condition.
6. When winch reaches the limit of working time, it cannot be used anymore.
7. If you don’t use winch for a long time, you should cut off power, and store it in a dry, water proof, ventilate, and without corrosive gas.
8. Check the lubricate condition of each winch part.

Why choose our comapny as your hydraulic winch supplier?

There are many reasons that you choose our hydraulic recovery winches, not only for its twofolds working efficiency or the special winch design. Not only for this type machine, for our winches, you can get a high quality equipment in the factory price compared to the same level products. And our group provides you professional service, including both good performance winch and warm customer service. Want a reliable winch and get professional guidance? Contact us now!

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