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Low speed electric winch, also called AQ-JM model winch, this winch equipment has electric power and hydraulic power two types. Working theory of this two power device is similar, the winch machine drum is powered by electricity or hydraulic force, and drum pulls winch rope to lift and drag heavy material. This device can lift and pull loads in horizontal and vertical movement. This model winch can be used on installing company, mine zone, construction site, bridge building project, harbor, and port, even on ship, you can use this winch to anchor and mooring.

Electric power slow speed winch is the most widely used equipment on construction site right now, and hydraulic power system winch is getting more and more popular on building site. Our company provides you equipment suits your industry best. As the only dual purpose winch machine, this slow speed winch can be use on ships or coast to anchor, if you want a dual function, tell us when contact. Dual purpose winch will install a water proof motor and use high quality water proof paint. And any customized parameter is available.

low speed winch for sale
Great Low Speed Winch

AQ-JM Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t;
Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;
Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply:

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Main part of low speed electric winch

No matter what kind of power way you may choose, AQ-JM winch consists of motor, coupling, brake, gear box and drum. And all this part are installed perfectly on winch mount. This design makes the machine having a compact structure, and small size, light duty deadweight. Besides, this design makes the winch easy to move and set each corner of your factory. You can use it on different industry like construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining and port. With this equipment, the material and object of this occasion will be lifted up and down easily. And the winch can be the corollary equipment of modern electronic control automatic production line. Want one? Or have any question, contact now.

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