Mine winch

Mine winch refers to electric winch that used in different kinds of mines. Winching machine can be set inner the mine or outer the mine according to you need. Generally, mine winch usually place in coal mine and different metal mines (copper mine, silver mine, iron mine, zinc mine). Winch set in and out mine is carry and drag minerals. According to the power system of mine winch, we have electric power winch and hydraulic type winch. And for the function of mine winch, we have four types of mine winches to let you make a choice.

We have common hoist mine winch, explosion proof mine winch, friction shaft winch and shaft sink mine winch. For common hoist mine winch, you can use it to do lifting and pulling tasks inside or outside your mine. You should pay attention not to use it in explosive environment. If you want to use a mine winch in explosive environment, why not try explosion proof mine winch? This types of mine winch has perfect explosive proof function. It has high standard PLC control system. And all the components confirm to hoist winch standard of China. If you want a double winch drum, friction type of mine winch may meet tour needs. Double winch drum helps loads do go and back movement. Shafting sink winch is commonly used in metal mine and non-metal ores. This type of mine winch is take responsibility of the shafting task of shaft engineering, it can overhang excavating equipment including hanging scaffold, water pump, ram, compressed air cylinder and grouting pipe. Besides, it can tension stable rope or used in other lifting and pulling loads inside mine and on ground. Shafting sink winch has high lifting bearing and large rope, moreover, it can keep stable when operating.

durable mine winch for sale
Durable Mine Hoist Winch

Mine Hoist Winch

Speed: 1.3 m/s
Width: 800mm
Lifting material: 15 KN
Max.diameter: 14 mm

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top quality explosion proof mine winch for sale
Top Quality Explosion Proof Mine Winch

Explosion Proof Mine Winch

Width: 1000 mm
Speed: 2/2.5 m/s
Breaking force: 270 KN
Max.diameter: 20 mm

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mine winch for sale
Friction Shaft Sinking Mine Winch

Friction Shaft Sinking Winch

Work type: Friction
Number: 1
Pulling load : 250 KN
Diameter: 52 mm

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shaft sinking winch
Reliable Shaft Sinking Winch

Shaft Sinking Winch

Steel rope max static tensity: 100 KN
Rope capacity: 800 m
Steel rope diameter: 32 m
Motor power: 22 kw

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There are many mine winch suppliers in the world. There are many reasons why you are welcomed to choose a mine winch of any company. And here are the reasons why you are welcomed to choose our group. Firstly, our company is the leading force of winch industry in China. We are professional. We have experienced selling and after sale service team, you will gain a great service. Then, for the quality of mine winch, we promise to give you the best quality compared the price of other winch supplier. All mount of our winch is stable; and winch line is narrow, which means less noise when you use our mine winch. Last but not least, winch has inventory, you will not wait too long until you get suitable winch. Finally, for the price, our group will give you the most economical price for your mine winch. The reason why our mine winch is cheap is that we devotes ourselves to innovation of advanced technology. Welcome to get your free inquiry of our group, and we promises you the best quality and economical price.

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