Pneumatic Winch

Pneumatic winch is different from any other types of winch machine. It is power by pneumatic vane motor, and power is transported to drum through planet gear speed reducer. In this way can winch machine lift and pull heavy loads. Our company provides you the best quality pneumatic winch with affordable price.

Features of pneumatic winch

reliable pneumatic winch for sale
Reliable Pneumatic Winch

Pneumatic Winch

Rated tension: 20-100KN
Rope speed: 7-20m/min
Rope diameter: 300m
Air pressure: 0.62-1.0
Max size: 1810*890*910
Weight: 550-1900kg

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Motor and speed reducer is connected on the two sides of pneumatic winch respectively. This kind of winch design makes winch machine has smaller size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Moreover, winching machine is able to realize stepless speed regulation within a range. Talking to the brake of pneumatic winch, the brake system is realized by motor brake, and it has great brake performance. And this kind of brake system has an obvious advantage that it can operate by hand and manual labor when it has no compressed air.

Matters Needing Attention When Using a Pneumatic Type Winch Machine

  • Operator should power motor for the first step, then the drive gear begins to move. Before start the winching machine, operator should brake the brake belt in the winching drum. And operator should loosen the brake handle in the big gear, so that the winching drum cannot move. Only big gear can turn and rotary.
  • Operator should loosen brake belt on winch drum completely if have to drive winch drum, then operator should fasten the brake belt of big gear. After the two steps, drum is able to turning and rotating winch wire rope to work.
  • If operator want to stop pneumatic winch machine when it is working, the correct step is: firstly, loosen brake belt of big inner gear, then brake the belt of winching drum tightly.
  • Operator is not allowed to brake two braking lock at the same time, or it may cause the broken of winch motor.
  • Brake belt of winch and winch bearing are not allowed to over 70 °C. Stop the winch machine as soon as possible if temperature rise sharply.
  • pneumatic winch brake drum and bearing temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, if the temperature sharp rise, must immediately stop check.
compact pneumatic winch for sale
Compact Pneumatic Winch

Operation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Winch

  • It is not allowed to take pneumatic winch parts apart, and the use of it is not allowed, too. The reason is that incomplete winch machine may be harmful to operator, and it may be broken winch machine.
  • If winch tool is broken or cannot reach its original function, it should be checked, if necessary, replaced by a new one. Check and maintain winch and winch parts regularly (about a week). And add grease in turning parts like bearing and axis. For pneumatic motor, operator should add engine oil.
  • When operator use different king of winch tools, please make sure that all operation obeys safe rules and direction of use.
  • Use proper winch tools, big or small winch may have influence on your winch.
  • Inlet pressure in the tool at the entrance (the gas pressure of the air compressor) is commonly 90 psig (6.2 Kg/cm ^ 2), no matter high pressure and low pressure may have influence on the performance of winch tools.


Model Rated Tension(KN) Rope speed(m/min) Rope diameter(mm) Rope capacity(m) Air pressure(Mpa) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
QJH50PKMBG-19-300 50 13 19 300 0.62-1.0 1810*890*910 1090
QJH50PKMBG-16-300 30 20 16 300 0.62-1.0 1750*970*887 650
QJH50PKMBG-14-300 20 18 14 300 0.62-1.0 1522*970*858 550
QJH50PKMBG-28-300 100 7 28 300 0.62-1.0 1780*1280*1220 1900

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