Portable winch

Portable winch

To meet the need of winch market, Ellsen manufacturer provides you a new type winch, portable winch. Portable winch is designed to satisfy the demand of portability and convenience when customer like you lifting and pulling heavy loads. With a portable winch, you can lift, pull and drag loads anywhere you want.

A portable winch is developed based on common engine winch, the only unique feather it has is the portability that allows you carry loads anywhere you want. Compared to common engine winch, portable does not mean less carry ability, you can choose your own winch among the two types of portable winches.

Brief introduction of portable winch

If you have relevant knowledge of crane industry, you may know something about winch. Winch is a kind traditional lifting and pulling equipment. Besides, it is a quiet simple structure drag and pulling device. For most construction winch machine, one of the most common characters is that most of them adopts electricity as power. For those electrical winch, its working principle can concluded that the motor drives wire rope drum after reducer, and winch rope is strength and shorten in this way. Moreover, during the process, the direction of pulley can be changed. The basic technology requirements of winch are: firstly, drum speed, namely the winch wire rope speed is stable. Then, the brake system of portable winch machine should be safe and reliable.

Features of portable winch

Ellsen group provides you two basic types of portable winch. You can choose your winch between JKD model portable and capstan type portable winch. The common feather of the two winch machine is that they are easy to carry, and beyond the limit of space and occasions. Next are the feathers of the two model winches respectively.

JKD type portable winch

portable winch of Ellsen
Ellsen JKD portable winch

JKD Portable Winch

Loading capacity: 0.75-2 t;
Wire rope capacity: 20~200 m;
Working speed: 20~35 m/min;
Power supply:

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JKD type portable winch, also called planetary portable winch. It is a new special designed winch for light duty loads, and loads needed to transport freely. Generally, this type of winch is used commonly in inner land in occasions like construction site and bridge building project. It adopts planetary transmission. Planetary transmission has many advantages that makes it suitable in crane transportation. It has compact structure, low backlash, high-precision and long service life. The design and assemble of portable winch conform to national safe rule GB/T10055-1996 and national Industrial standard JGJ88-92 of China.

Capstan type portable winch

portable winch by Ellsen
Ellsen capstan type portable winch

Capstan Portable Winch

Type: D(Y)J5
Warping load: 50 KN
Warping speed: ≥18 (m/min)
Wire Dia: φ11 (mm)
Electric: 3/1.2 (kw)

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Different from JKD type portable winch used in land, capstan portable winch is used in deck or ship. Its main function are anchoring and mooring. The rated capacity and tension of capstan winch is from 0.5 ton to 10 tons. And you can choose the speed you want, as we provide you single speed capstan, double speed portable and three speed winch. And it has two models including standing type capstan portable winch and horizontal type winch. You can choose what you want.

Advantages of portable winch

1. Easy carry. Portable winch as we know has short size, its size makes its easy carry becoming possible.

2. Compact and scientific structure. Portable winches manufactured by Ellsen group are compact and designed under the guidance of advanced technology.

3. Low noise. Because that specialist pay attention to mount line and welding line when design and manufacturing winch, the noise produced in operating process is lower than national winch noise standard.

4. Easy to operate and maintain. All winch machine adopts simple but scientific structure, and we will provide you brief introduction.

5. Cheap but safe. Ellsen group provide you safe winch with best price. All winch has protect device to keep you from danger. And cheap price will save your budget and cost.

Why choose Ellsen group?

There are two reasons why you should choose Ellsen supplier. Firstly, we are professional. Ellsen devotes itself into winch business area for year, and we have manage team and technology team to deal with all your needs and questions including purchase and after sell service. Besides, Ellsen team bend itself to innovation all the time, we try our best to winch business, and improve our winch quality. We win good reputation in winch industry. If you are interested in Ellsen group, contact us anytime. We promise you the best service, of course, the best price.

Technical Parameter of JKD Series Portable Winch
Model Rated load Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions Overall weight
KN m mm KW mm KG
JKD0.75 7.5 100 9.3 3 900x340x400 165
JKD1.25 12.5 120 11 7.5 1140x400x450 315
JKD1.60 16 160 12.5 7.5 1200x400x480 350
JKD2.0 20 190 13 13 1400x470x548 510

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