Recovery winch

Recovery winch is a king of lifting and pulling device that is widely demand everywhere of the world. It sells well since put into winch market. It has an obvious character that any other type of winch does not have. Compared to any pulling winch can only move in one path, reversible winch is able to do back and forth movement.

Features of our reversible winch

recovery winch for sale
Compact Recovery Winch

Recovery Winch

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This type winch machine is powered by electricity mainly, of course, we provide you hydraulic power winch and diesel oil power winch if you have any special need. Common winch machine can only pull loads in a single movement, while recovery winch can do a back and forth movement. It can do task in this way is because reversible winch machine has two winch drum. Moreover, compared to other winch machine rope, winch rope of recovery winch is shorter, and it can tie winch rope for only several circles. Lastly, one of the most important thing you should pay attention to is the tension device when you use recovery winch. You have to fit a tension device in the end of your winch machine when using it.

recovery winch for sale
Reliable Recovery Winch

Why choose our group as your winch machine supplier?

There are many reasons why you choose a manufacturer to buy a winch machine. You may choose any supplier to get yourself a recovery type winch for its cheap price or high quality. But, what is the reason you are welcomed to choose our company. Here are the answers: firstly, we will provide you high quality recovery winch machine with a good price, you can get both benefits if you choose us. Secondly, our group brings you the best service, no matter in you purchasing process or in the after sale service. Last but not least, our company won great reputation since its types of winch machine put into market, and we built long term cooperation with customer from all over the world.

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