Worm gear winch

Worm gear winch is differ from other types of winch machine on the reducer. Our winch machine usually adopts gear drive if you do not have special necessary. According to your needs, we push out worm gear winch which use worm gear as reducer. This type of winch machine has large transmission, compact structure and it is stable when lift heavy loads.

Advantages of Worm Winch

worm gear winch for sale
Worm Gear Winch

Worm Gear Winch

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  • When transport loads, driver and driven wheel cannot change place, in other words, it means that driver can only drive loads in single direction.
  •  The maintenance cost of worm gear type winch is low because that it need not any oil.
  • Low noise. Worm gear winches produce less noise when operated.
  • Stable. Worm gear transmission winch is stable than gear winch.
  • The transmission ratio of worm gear winch is higher than gear winch.
  • Because of it can self-locked in some condition, it is needed.

Features of Our Worm Gear Winches

Worm gear winch is different from gear winch in appearance. Because of gear winch has at least three fear, you can see clearly that three gear ranges neat in the reducer part. And worm gear cost higher than gear winch. If you want the self-locked winch, worm gear model winch is your beast choice.

worm gear winch for sale
Reliable Worm Gear Winch

Warning and Safety Roles

  • Do not use to lift or move people. If your task involves moving or lifting people, you must use the proper equipment, not this winch.
  • Winch operators must be trained in the proper, safe operation of the winch.
  • Cable anchors on Tulsa Winches are not designed to hold the rated load of the winch. You must keep at least five (5) wraps of cable on the drum to insure that the cable doesn’t come loose.
  • Stay clear of suspended loads and of cable under tension. A broken cable or dropped load can cause serious injury or death.
  • Make sure that all equipment, including the winch and cable, is maintained properly. Pay especially close attention to the clutch, making sure that it fully engages when shifted. Do not attempt to disengage the clutch when a load is on the winch.
  • Winches not equipped with automatic worm brakes should never be used to lift loads.
  • Avoid shock loads. This type of load imposes a strain on the winch many times the actual weight of the load and can cause failure of the cable or of the winch.

Why Choose our Group?

There are many reasons why you are welcomed to choose our group as your winch supplier. Firstly, our company promises you best quality with cheap price. For example, mount of our winch is stable and be well painted. Narrow line of winch makes low noise becomes possible. And winch parts has inventory in the factory, you will not wait too long if you want any replacement. Then, our company is always the leading winch supplier in China, we build stable customer group all over the world, for the most of them, we build long term cooperation. Thirdly, we won good reputation in our clients.